If you are seeking a price on material and would like us to calculate the parts for your project - send us a fax of your layout with the dimensions and gate locations to 559.584.0758.  We usually can respond within 1 work day to your request.  If you are in Hanford or Coalinga, feel free to stop by our local office and show the drawing to one of our estimators.

For customers looking to purchase Simtek Fence we have a higher standard that will include a detailed installation description so that you do not void the factory lifetime warranty.  Specialty fence tools can be loaned to anyone buying material.  We take a refundable deposit or credit card and return it when you bring the tool back.  The extra advice comes free as well.

One more important note: When buying or ordering any material we know that customers like to check prices from other dealers and big box stores.  Please understand that very few of the products offered at the large retail stores meet our standard of quality.  As a licensed contractor we only install and sell material that will last and hold up to local conditions.  If you would like to compare the difference in product - just stop by and we will be happy to show you that you get exactly what you pay for.




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